Monday, September 21, 2009

More plot ideas

I even came up with an extra plot idea--of course they're not equally enticing, but here goes:

Plot #2: Aggie and her mom often laugh about how uncoordinated they are, but it's not funny when Aggie's mom slips on the ice and ends up in traction. Aggie's father's sister, figure skater Celina Valska, comes to take care of Aggie. Aunt Celina, who missed an Olympic medal by a tenth of a point, and was knocked out of this season's competition due to an injury, has issues of her own.

Plot #3: When Lester carves the top off of his halloween pumpkin, a little man pops out who gleefully cries, "I'm free!" and scampers away. An army of beings tramp through Lester's kitchen. They tell Lester that he's released a Puckling and recruit him to track down the prankster. Chaos ensues, but in the end, Lester realises that life is more interesting spiced with a bit of mischief.

Plot #4: Shy Shannon's outgoing online persona couldn't be more different than her real personality. Pretending to be someone she isn't is fun until her online buddy Connor announces he will be attending Shannon's cousin's wedding. Who will the real Shannon Walton be when her worlds collide?


Diana said...

Ooh, I really like #4 - very topical in the internet age, and sounds fun too!

Linda Crotta Brennan said...

I'd need your help to write it, though!