Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Memorable Moments

I always urge my writing students to keep a journal, but often they protest that their life is boring. What can they write about?
Have you ever noticed how a skilled raconteur can make a trip to the grocery store more interesting than a droning neighbor’s junket to Japan? Truly, everyone has a fascinating life. The trick is to focus on the details, the memorable moments.
So instead of trying to capture an entire day in your journal with a dreary list of all you did, recall one standout scene. Perhaps it was a young boy, lying on his back, stroking a golden retriever. Maybe it was a chestnut tree doodling its spent blossoms across the lawn. Or perhaps it was a lone Cherrio forgotten on the kitchen floor.
Make a commitment to write about at least one moment a day for the next week. Practice capturing these moments in your most effective language.
There are volumes hidden here. Who knows where these moments will lead you?


Diana Brennan said...

Great photo, too! :-)

Linda Crotta Brennan said...


jorkar said...

" a chestnut tree doodling its spent blossoms across the lawn"- Nice!