Thursday, October 15, 2009


As it snowzles outside my window this raw October day, I keep warm thinking about last night's meeting of the Story Spinners critique group. We talked about finding new ways to celebrate one another.
The Story Spinners always broke out the champagne when someone published, but we decided we also needed to celebrate rejection letters--hey we were brave enough to send that baby out, and we got a response.
That naturally flowed into celebrating submissions--five of us submitted something lately.
Most of all we celebrated the gifts each of us bring to group. Apparently I'm the mother/nurturer of Story Spinners. Sweet!


Julia said...

It was indeed an inspiring meeting.

I have never been one for brainstorming type exercises, but that one was pure fun (not to mention, confidence building for the group and it's individuals).

Thank you for being the "mother" of our group. You indeed deserve the title.

Proud member of the Story Spinners

Linda Crotta Brennan said...

Thanks. I'm delighted you're around to ground us!