Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beginner's Mind

Yesterday I gave the workshop, Reaching Your Audience: Writing for Magazines, at RIC's Summer Writing Institute. A dynamic group of students of all ages attended. They had exciting ideas and projects to share.
Part of the joy of being on faculty was getting to hear the other speakers. Patricia McCormick was our luncheon speaker. She talked about how blessed the students were to have "beginner's mind" as yet unsullied by the experts' rules on writing. Then this morning, I was reading Writing from the Heart by Nancy Slonim Aronie. She writes about trying to return to the place before the judging and labeling and narrowing of vision. She has a great line-Don't should on me!
My bible study for today curiously echoed this idea, in opening one's life to the Holy Spirit.
So for today, I'm going to practice being and seeing with fresh eyes.

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