Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missing Keet and Savvy

I've been a bit frantic lately. My parakeet, Kiwi, went missing. He simply disappeared. We've always given him the "fly" of the house, but he usually sticks fairly close to his cage. He's a conservative sort. But Saturday morning I woke up and no parakeet.
He hadn't been looking well lately, sitting on his perch all fluffed up. He is an elderly bird. But where could he have gone? My husband and I searched everywhere. Any ideas anyone? Any similar experiences?
I've had Kiwi for years and years, so the house feels very odd without his cheerful chirp. Even my puppy, Willow, keeps going over to his cage to look for him. Sigh!

On a more cheerful note, I recently finished a marvelous book. It's SAVVY by Ingrid Law. Mibs Beaumont is just about to turn 13, that ominous birthday when a Beaumont's savvy strikes. She doesn't know if she'll have the power to roil up hurricanes like brother Fish or create new ground like grandpa. But maybe her savvy will help her save her father, who was in a terrible accident...Mibs twangy narrative is ripe with surprises and humorous twists in this unique coming of age novel.
Editors tell us that its an author's unique voice that often sells a manuscript. I can certainly see why Dial took this wonderful novel.

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